Issue 2 Masthead

T. Daniel Frost, Editor-in-Chief

T. Daniel Frost is a senior Fiction Writing major at Columbia College Chicago and was the co-chair of the professional development seminar “So You Want To Be An Author.” But like most people his age, he’s just happy to be holding it together, even if only a little bit.  He’s particularly proud of this magazine and the awesome team that works on it.

Bethany Bendtsen, Managing Editor

When Bethany’s not writing “fiction” about falling in love with everyone she meets, she spends her time eating cheese fries, obsessing about her outfit, and being generally shady. Her favorite color is glitter. 

Cora Jacobs, Faculty Advisor

Malaya Harris, Fiction/Nonfiction Editor

Malaya is one of the fiction editors at HT2.0. Believes in ghosts. Avoid if seen in public.

Travis Thurmond, Fiction/Nonfiction Editor

Travis Thurmond is a writer. Sometimes he writes things, most times he doesn’t.

Cody Lee, Reviews Editor

Cody Lee has no sense of humor, and hates everyone. He’s smart, too.

Claire Martin, Interviews Editor

Claire Martin is studying Fiction Writing at Columbia College Chicago.  You can find her working on creative essays, wandering through Printer’s Row after hours, and becoming fully nocturnal.

Davis Blackwell, Social Media Manager

Davis R. Blackwell is a Chicago-based author. You can catch him ignoring you on the Red Line eating a six-piece chicken dinner from Harold’s.

Will Grant, Art Editor

William Grant is a Photography and Fiction Writing major at Columbia College Chicago. He enjoys broccoli and Anna Kendrick. 

Emma LaSaine, Columnist & Contributing Editor

Emma LaSaine is a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago, with a BA in Creative Writing. She is an award-winning nonfiction writer, Managing Editor of Habitat Magazine, and Production Editor of Hair Trigger 38. Emma is also the 2013-2014 Honors Research Award recipient. Her writing appears in BORGEN Magazine, Slacktivist, The Lab Review, and on her website,

Lukas O’Hara, Contributing Editor

Lukas O’Hara, once a card-carrying member of the World Clown Association, decided one day to trade in his apron of balloons for a pen and a journal. Now he writes until his hand cramps.

Marygrace Schumann, Contributing Editor

Marygrace Schumann, lesbian mother of the team, is a senior at Columbia College Chicago studying Fiction Writing. When she’s not writing, it’s all about Cheesie’s and serenading her friends with ’80s music.

Amber Burnett, Contributing Editor

Amber Burnett is a senior at Columbia College Chicago, studying Public Relations and Creative Writing. She strives to become more disciplined and inspirational in her writing and lifestyle . . . until someone screws up her Cinnamon Dolce Latte, Three Pumps of Vanilla and Extra Whip at Starbucks.

Will Haryanto, Contributing Editor

Will Haryanto is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago's Fiction Writing program. He was born in Singapore and studied in Singapore American School. He writes kick-ass interviews and reviews for HT2.0

Will Horner, Contributing Editor

William Horner is a continuing senior at Columbia College Chicago. He has no job, no wife/husband/pet or a shitty jay nay say quay. He eats too much and hasn’t been published. What a maroon.

Jay Goebel, Graphic Designer